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Westvale Dental Front deskChildren teeth are very important in the development and transition to the permanent dentition. Therefore, we need to monitor these teeth closely and frequently to maintain an optimally healthy mouth. With the parents’ help, we could create a fun and exciting environment for their dental visits.

Preparing Your Child for their first dental visit

  • Always speak positively about going to the dentist.  Don’t transfer your fears or anxieties about dental care to your children.  It is highly recommended to book a separate appointment for your child’s visit.
  • Tell your child that we will be counting their teeth and then polishing them so that they are nice and shiny.
  • Encourage them that “big kids” go to the dentist because they will be too eager to impress you with the next step in their maturity or independence.
  • It is a good thing if a younger child can watch an older sibling or parent at the dentist for a recall exam, if they exhibit cooperative and positive behaviors.
  • Use words that are fun, positive and feels good. Stay away from words that could cause anxiety or bad feelings like hurt, pain, needle.

Should your child require further treatment after the initial visit, our professional team will carefully explain the treatment and the tools involved to your child. We will make it fun, positive and use words that are understandable to your child so that there will be no mystery, thus no anxiety. We will also ensure that they know they have the control to stop the procedure if they needed to.

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