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Westvale Dental front deskCosmetic bonding or resin bonding describes the bonding of a tooth coloured resin to your teeth which is then sculpted to artistically recreate the proper and ideal shape. This will then be polished to mimic the texture of your natural teeth. This could be used for cracked, stained or chipped tooth. This procedure is relatively inexpensive and last for a reasonable amount of time. And the change or makeover occurs within a relatively short time. While this is a wonderful technique, it cannot solve all restorative dental problem.

Laminate veneers are paper thin, custom made porcelain facings that are used to cover up the front and side surfaces of the tooth. These are held in place with a special light sensitive resin. Even they are paper thin, they are extremely strong and durable. In certain circumstances, other dental procedures like crowns, bonding, bleaching or orthodontics  may be recommended as an alternative. A thorough evaluation is necessary to assess the general health, aesthetics and the relationship between the jaws and teeth to determine the best option for your teeth.

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