Westvale Dental CentreRoot canal therapy (RCT) is the most commonly performed procedure amongst all endodontic treatment.

Root canal treatment is required when nerve tissue inside the tooth degenerates. Without root canal treatment, the infection in the tooth pulp can result in an abscess, which in turn can cause damage to the jawbone. You will need a RCT to save your tooth and to ensure that the tissue around the root of the tooth remains healthy and free from inflammation.

The most common symptoms for tooth requiring RCT are toothache, swollen or tender gum. Also as common if the tooth appears discolored or has become extra sensitive to temperature. If the tooth was diagnosed with an inflamed and/or infected pulp inside the tooth then your dentist will recommend a RCT.

Dental caries (cavities), chipped teeth, cracked dental fillings, and injury to the teeth can cause damage to the dental pulp. When the nerves inside the tooth pulp die, the inflamed tissue surrounding the tooth causes toothache and infection can damage the bones around the teeth. If the damaged pulp is not treated, bacterial infection and inflammation can loosen the tooth. Therefore, RCT is necessary to preserve the tooth and also protect the jawbone.

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